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Student Court

Student Court was established to allow students to defend themselves in the face of an unjust disciplinary action or a misinterpretation of the Student Handbook. Students may challenge a disciplinary action against them in front of a student panel. Headed by the Vice President of the Student Leadership Council, the Student Court is comprised of at least three students from the Governmental Affairs committee. They will review the arguments of the student, interview the faculty member involved in the incident, and question student witnesses. Upon hearing all written and oral arguments, the Student Court Justices will provide a written recommendation to the Dean of Students. This may involve an elimination of the disciplinary action, a reduction in the penalty, or no change at all.

To submit a case, the student must contact the Dean of Students. Then, he must describe the situation in a short paragraph and submit it via e-mail to the SLC Vice President. The SLC Vice President and members of the Governmental Affairs Committee will review the case and set a court date if the case is viable. After submitting a complaint, the student will receive a decision from the Vice President within 24 hours.

Governmental Affairs
Chairman:   Adam Wittenauer

Michael Geer
Brendan Hennessy
Cameron Meyer
Luke Reynoso
Nathan Burke
Nick Jung
Andrew Lord
Hunter Varley